How to get fit to NORSEMAN TRIATLON


article in norwegian!

HEy wats upp im rethinking this blog

at the moment il start do the marcfitt shit and try that shit out for 3 monts ish and biggest goal now is the summer body 2014 i want a 8 pack and be ripped bad..


utdate comes .




kinda cool:)  made me smile its in swedish stoneage workout and lifestyle


Så 2014 hvordan skal det bli da?

mål: se sykt bra ut til sommern og ellers av året

spise mindre sjokolade og sukker og smør og annen karbo shit

trene mer variert og med andre

få jobb som jeg trives i

finne ut hva jeg vil studere

få jobb på plattform

spare opp til bolig :D eller leilighet

jeg håper jeg fortsetter å være singel dette året med mindre det dukker opp noen hehe

dette er året hvor selvrealisering står hardt og sterkt og jeg skal få masse nye venner

hvor viktig på en skal fra 1-10 er det for meg å se bra ut til sommern 2014?  8 vil jeg si men egentlig så er det 10

hvordan når jeg dette målet og hvordan tenker man?


New Blitzkrieg Back Workout!!!! haven’t read it yet but get ur…

membership on his site an set a goal u can do it !.. greg plitt always deliver. so do you !!!


“Hello Members – “The burn is the bridge between having a goal and having an

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battle your way through seven rounds of exercises that will hit your back

from every angle.  Win this war in the gym and you’ll cross the bridge to

achievement and renew your inner strength to fight and win the battles of




Check out a short preview of the full workout video here:

The Members Section contains over 250 hours of video,

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good mood :) and good luck:)

40 days in to it ! 60 days left !

so i started 11.03.13 for the 100 days challange to summer and now  its ca 60 days left !

so i did the MFT28 for 4 week ! then i did this for 2 week

the MFT28 is inccredible hard and i dident have time to workout 2 times a day so i anly did the morning workout but belive me ! thats hard and not for beginners i tell you .. its the shit.. and u will use almoust 2 hours every day on the program.


so now im think im gonna start a mix program cus its 8,7 weeks left of the 100 days challange.. i think i will do the keith gettin workout from week 8 . or i will make my own remix of some of the workout on this blog i will custommize the keith getting workout i think.. .aslo now its time for a DEF before the summer so. for me that means no more alcohol , and no more suggar .. try to not eat bread. or cheeze. also quit butter and high fat shit..

i think i wil decrease my proteins intake  to only 2 scoops pre day .. istead of 4 +. etc i will also eat less i will try to lay 300-600 kcal under dayly intake so that mean i will go around hungry for some monthes..


the hardest thing i sto sleep on a empty stommach.. so i will post some tips later about that..

i will post som neat home made hacks for youre gravity boots and a cheap chins and hangups rig:)

keep it real and never skip leg day  bitches..

THE 100 DAYS challange! wtf.. summer is just around the fucking corner

so from 11.03.2013  i will start THE 100 DAYS challange!

1.  find out ur body type!  ( ectomorph  google it!!!)

2. 30% fat, 30% carb og 40% proteins

3.    5-8 meas a day ,max 3 hours betweeN! eatch mean

4. dont care about ur weight.. we are bulding muscles here.

5.  ca 3000 kcal (ur daily amout + add 200-500 more!!)   day and ca  150-200g proteiner  ( 2g of protein pr kg body weight! and 1g fat pr kg body weight!! rst of the kcal u need to take from  CARBS!!

6. write down ur lifting goal ! and look at it after 100 days!!

7. hire a coach if u can affort and need a dummy to push you!

8. get minimum7hours of SLEEEEEP! every day!

9. SWIMM on the relaxing days!! and take sauna!

and it wil be HARDCORE!!!!






okay u litte bitch!.. the first 100 day from march ! start with a warmUP week with the SPartacus workout for 7 days every other day.

then you will start on this:

the MFT28     GREG PLITT in ur face!

(u should do 150 twist from the keith gettin transformation 2x a day! som 300 twist aday!!! craxzy!!!!


whey gold standard! (with  BCAA, and DAA)




Creatine ( crea-bolic google it !!)

Green tea super burn!!


solarium ! (check ur skinn type for info. )


and u wil do this : for the abs:

also the dips abs !!!, workout of gregplitt.

The next  72 day i will giva a update!! 

pre-masjoes!! that is good for you!!!

pre-masjoes!! that is good for you!!!

pre-masjoes!! that is good for you!!!

pre-masjoes!! that is good for you!!!




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